Room 1133, EPIC Industrial Hub

     Centre for Engineering Innovation Building

    University of Windsor

    Windsor, Ontario


    For more information, you can reach us via email


    University of Windsor - Centre for Engineering Innovation Building

    Room 1133 - EPIC Industrial Hub

    Where the printers live.

    We meet 6 times a week! - Rm 1133 - CEI Building

    The Epic Makers' Base hours are:

    Monday 2pm - 7pm (Tech: Aman)
    Tuesday 11am - 7pm (Tech: Aman/Clarke)
    Wednesday 530pm - 830pm (Tech: Nic)
    Thursday 2pm - 7pm (Tech: Aman)
    Friday 1pm - 5pm (Tech: Clarke)
    Saturday 1030am - 4:30pm (Tech: Nic)

    See you Soon!



    Located in the Centre for Engineering Innovation - Enter through the main doors, Turn left and head down the main hall, past the living wall almost to the other side, turn right down a hall. Look for our sign.